Visual Designer, Film Maker and Media Artist

Passionate about art, design and technology, through visual storytelling, collaboration and innovation.


Dynamic visual-stories. From character design and landscapes to flip-books and stop motion animation.

Graphic Design

Logos, layouts, and print-media.

3D Printing

Design, Process, and Prototypes.


Stage-design, recording, green-screen, special-effects, and post-production.

Digital Art

Illustrations, photo-manipulation and 3D Design.

Laser Engraving

Wooden engraving and burning techniques.

Silhouette Cameo

Paper-cutting, vinyl and heat-press.


Layout, design, and functionality.

Topics & Tutorials

Art and design topics, and video tutorials.

Printmaking & Screenprinting

Art and design topics, and video tutorials.

Upcoming Events

Currently I am collaborating with many talented artists from all over the world, in a live concert performance.