3D Printed Stencils

 This innovative project aims to raise awareness about water pollution and environmental issues caused by the use of plastics, particularly their detrimental effects on marine life. Utilizing cutting-edge Fusion 360 software and state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques, these edible creations take the form of intricate cookies from cookie cutters and stencils. The cookies are expertly shaped using these unique cutters, and then a stunning array of liquid food coloring is skillfully airbrushed onto the surface using 3D printed stencils, resulting in visually variety of designs.

Creative Process

Designed in Fusion 360 then printed using an Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Stencil Design

Magnetic Stencil Design

Stencil Designed in Fusion 360

User Testing

After Testing the initial prototype I made some significant changes to the design model which included more space for the magnets as well as better enclosure for the stencils to remain in place. 

Product Features


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea