3D Design


HealthyScan is a device designed with the intention on revolutionizing the way we make informed food choices, promoting healthier lifestyles and safe consumption habits.

Solar Lantern Mockup

Housing for a solar lantern. Designed using Fusion 360, a cloud-oriented CAD software. The ultimate goal is to leverage renewable resources to contribute to the conservation of our environment.

Building Blocks

Building blocks designed in Tinkercad, then 3D printed using an Ultimaker 3

Stencils & Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutter and Stencils designed in Fusion 360 and then 3D printed. I then used an air brush and food coloring mixture to spray the design on to each cookie. 

3D Objects

3D Objects designed in Fusion 360, Blender and Tinkercad

Walking Llama Simulation

Walking llama simulation was designed and animated using Blender.