A Mushroom Journey

Deep within the recesses of my imagination lives a world unlike no other.. 

It’s Okay to be Sad

Hello friend, it’s okay to be sad.
Somedays are not so good days.
Most days are happy days. 
Somedays are upside down days.
And some days are sad days..
However the way you feel today, there’s always better days ahead. 

Every so often i’m reminded that part of being human is experiencing different emotions. It’s a beautiful thing to feel these emotions and we should not feel ashamed for it. Embrace who you are today and everyday. 

Walking Llama Simulation

Walking llama simulation was designed and animated using Blender. For me llama’s remind me of my mom, who was born and raised in Peru.

Active Imagination

Splash Into a Universe Full of Imagination

Books are composed of a vast amount of adventure that lies in between each cover, just waiting for its reader to open its arms that will awaken the slumbering character and embark on the journey. A journey between the author, reader, and everything that lies in the middle. 

   Space Travel

Blog #147

      What began as an ordinary trip to outer space turned out to be quite extraordinary.

Guided by Mother Nature

Mother Earth Animation Series – Part 1

“Guided by Mother Nature” is part of an animation series I’m doing as an appreciation to Mother Nature, my biggest inspiration. In doing so I hope to bring awareness to the importance of preserving earths beauty. 

Study Break

Sailing through another study break. A mix of digital illustrations and photography. 

Underwater Market

Taking a deep dive into the underwater public market. 

Photography by: Scott Alex Mills



Green Screen Experiment