3D Design

HealthyScan is an device designed with the intention on revolutionizing the way we make informed food choices, promoting healthier lifestyles and safer consumption habits. By scanning food products, this portable device offers a comprehensive chemical and nutritional breakdown, providing users with vital information that is not yet required by the FDA. Designed using Fusion 360 technology and 3D printing techniques, HealthyScan is easily strapped onto the forearm, providing quick access to essential data that can transform the way families approach food consumption. With its potential to transform the industry, HealthyScan represents a game-changing idea that brings us one step closer to a healthier future.

Creative Process

Designed in Fusion 360 then printed using an Ultimaker 3D Printer.

Final Design

First Attempt

HealthyScan Final Rendition operates using three circular-LR44 batteries and also has a compartment for LED lights. The slits for the straps are also smaller allowing the wearer a more comfortable fit. 

Time Management

The first design housed only compartment for a single LR44 battery but it wasn’t sufficient energy to sustain power to the LED lights. 

User Testing

After Testing the initial protype I made some significant changes to the design model which included more space for the batteries as well as better enclosure for the straps. 

Product Features

HealthyScan is a device that will revolutionize the way we eat. Currently, the FDA only requires food manufacturers to report very limited nutritional information–this is where HealthyScan comes in. Now a simple scan will tell you everything that you need to know about a food product in order to keep your family safe and healthy. This portable device can be strapped onto the forearm and used to scan food; it then lists the food’s entire composition, providing the wearer with a comprehensive chemical and nutritional breakdown. The future of nutrition on is here.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea