Video Effects (VFX)

Above the Clouds a Rainbow Awaits

When you find yourself beneath a storm cloud just remember that a rainbow awaits.

Break Free

Break free of any constraints holding you back from being true to yourself and following your dream. Generating positive change is a chain reaction.

Sensory Overload

Being neurodivergent is a beautiful thing although can sometimes lead to sensory overload.   


At times I may find myself surrounded by darkness but never completely for I, like the moon, am a source of light. 

Happy Feet Dance

When your feet are so happy the forget their human and decide to dance.

   Space Travel

Blog #147

      What began as an ordinary trip to outer space turned out to be quite extraordinary.

Guided by Mother Nature

Mother Earth Animation Series – Part 1

“Guided by Mother Nature” is part of an animation series I’m doing as an appreciation to Mother Nature, my biggest inspiration. In doing so I hope to bring awareness to the importance of preserving earths beauty. 

Study Break

Sailing through another study break. A mix of digital illustrations and photography. 

Underwater Market

Taking a deep dive into the underwater public market. 

Photography by: Scott Alex Mills



Green Screen Experiment